Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What are you waiting on?

Most of us have motivational issues.

I'm just as guilty as anyone. I've been waiting on motivation to sweep my house for two weeks now, and the week before that I was at the beach. If I don't hurry, the dust bunnies are going to take over my little world. (There's one lurking under the couch that is as big as a baseball - I saw it the other day and jumped!)

What am I waiting on? I'm not sure, but it sure would be great if a maid snuck in one night to do it for me! LOL

What is your issue? What are you waiting on?

Many years ago, I was a Mary Kay consultant. It's true...I carried around those pink bags that you see in "Fried Green Tomatoes". I received a ton of training & attended many motivational seminars while a consultant. Much of it I still use to this day.

One of the things that sticks out in my mind is the saying "You can't wait for all of the stop lights to turn green before going."

How true is that? Can you imagine waiting until all the lights change to proceed each day? But, many of us do.

Take this as notice - It's okay to be stopped at a red light. It happens. Get over it and be ready to go when the light turns green!

Okay, okay! I'm sweeping today...promise! :-)

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