Friday, November 21, 2008

Things we can all do without...

At my mom's tonight the topic of conversation led to simplicity and her amazement at what we now think, as a generation of Americans, that we can't live without. On the drive home I arrived at this...
  • I CAN breathe without a cell phone and can breathe even better without a $100+ bill coming monthly!

  • I CAN live without 8-10 movie channels, 14 sports channels and live, streaming 24 hour news channels. Somehow, I made it through childhood with 3 local channels, a PBS station and, if my sister or I held the rabbit ears just right, 2 UHF channels.

  • I CAN walk to the corner store. I know it won't kill me to slip on tennis shoes and saunter over. The alternative - going to Walmart and spending $100 more for my container of sour cream to finish dinner because I found 16 other things I may need sometime in the next 10 years while hiking to the back of the store.

  • I CAN turn off the CSI reruns to cook a meal at home, even though I passed by 144 restaurants on the way home and one of them advertises a meal for 4 for under $4 a person.

  • I CAN spend quality time with my family even though I might miss the 1st airing of a new season of Desperate Housewives AND I don't own a DVR or TiVO!

Whew! That felt good! If you have somethings that you've decided you can live without please feel free to share them. Perhaps we can journey together to a simpler life...

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