Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated "Merry Christmas"...

Well, I vowed not to let it happen, but I did. I got caught up in the hurry, hurry, rush, rush, of the Christmas season. Not badly, but just enough to throw my schedule off. Obviously, one of the things that suffered was my posting.

I hope that each and every one of you had a very pleasant holiday and that you all made time to spend with your families. We have a small family gathering now and only have to venture to one location and celebrate, but I remember, as a child, always rushing on Christmas to make it to each family get-together on time and watching the clock the entire time there. Of course, as a child this didn't effect me as much as I could tell it bothered my mother. Looking back, I seriously doubt she enjoyed much of Christmas, if at all.

I have decided to start a blog about my newest crafting endeavor. I have had such fun and interesting happenings that I wanted to share them with anyone knitting for the first time. I wanted other "newbies" to know that it's okay if each project doesn't turn out as you had hoped. You'll find the joy in it if you allow yourself time to.

Here's the link -

I also tinkered with my heading and blog set-up over the holidays. Hope you all like the new logo. It took 4 different books on HTML, XML, CSS and website design to give me the courage to tackle that one, but I like it. AND, after all that, it was much simpler than I thought it would be. I just needed the courage to try it.

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