Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's that time again folks! Are you as excited as I am? I was awake half the night due to a nasty little flu bug I've picked up when it occurred to me that it's almost New Year's Day. Time to start my resolutions list!

I'm happy to say that over the last 3 years I've be able to succeed at most of the resolutions. One continues to stump/haunt me. I intend to take care of that one this year, once and for all, so it's top of the list this time.

So here goes nothing:

  1. Lose weight - I know, I know...this one is on everyones list (even some REALLY skinny people) but, it's been a small thorn in my every increasing side for several years now. Every time I start a "diet" I get discouraged and quit. Now, after reading about 50 books on the subject, I've decided that I'm going to eat healthier fare, get back to the exercising daily thing and take better care of myself in general. No strange diet commitment, no skipping meals or exercising for 10 hours a day, just common sense - which I have but sometimes choose not to use!

  2. Finish both of the books I'm writing - I should've completed this last summer but time got away from me.

  3. Find more ways to decrease my families environmental footprint - we already do some small things such as cutting back on lights usage, unplugging unused gadgets and changing to the new energy saver light bulbs. We need to continue decreasing and I'll share those trials and errors with you along the journey.

  4. Finish my 1st quilt - another project I started this summer and didn't complete. I'm working on a lap-sized crazy quilt made from fabric of thrift store skirts. Here's a picture of the beginning...

Ok. I want to commit to more but I believe 4 is plenty to keep me busy this year. Plus, if I over-commit, it's easy to make excuses. Been there before, don't want to revisit.

As you're working on your own resolutions this year, I encourage you to search your heart for things you've always wanted to try or do and make this the year to do them. Learn to throw pottery, take a photography class, learn to bake bread, sky dive...the limits are only those of your imagination! You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't let fear stop you!

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