Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Searching for a cause...

Several years ago I received an e-mail that tipped me off about a new and interesting concept. I'm sure you've all heard about those "click for money" scams on the internet, so I was initially suspicious of this offer. I was able to verify the validity of this site and later viewed it in several magazines and on a few TV news channels.

GoodSearch is an amazing site that allows you to utilize a top notch search engine, powered by Yahoo. As a bonus, each time you perform a search the non-profit organization you select will received a credit. The credits are accrued and dispersed accordingly.

How to use GoodSearch:
  • Bookmark GoodSearch in your favorites, or, even better, make GoodSearch your home page (that way you'll always remember to search there 1st).
  • Just under the search bar on the main page, you'll see a second search bar under the title "Who do you GoodSearch for?" Enter the name of your favorite charity and verify their organization as your "selected charity."
  • Search until your hearts content, while raising funds for your charity!

Yes, it's that simple! Here are some tips:

  • Each time you delete your internet browsing history you will need to update your selected charity. Deleting your history will automatically reset the charity box to "enter your charity here..."
  • If you don't initially find your charity continue searching. It may be under an abbreviated name, you might have added an "s" where there isn't one, or you may have punctuation and the listing may not. If you absolutely can't find them, ask the organization. If they're not currently listed encourage them to check into it.
  • If your favorite charity isn't available search for something by your city's name. You may find something else that sparks your interest.

Where does the funding come from?

GoodSearch makes money on each website click and from advertisements. They, in turn, roll 50% of that money over to your charity. They get paid, your charity gets paid, you have use of a great search engine and raising money for a great cause to boot! Boy, this is multi-tasking at it's best.

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