Monday, January 5, 2009

Where are all the calendars?

Yesterday, it occurred to me that my calendar was outdated. As I went to pull the old one down I realized that I only have one calendar this year and it's one that I purchased.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this is VERY strange in my home. Normally by this time of year I have a small stack awaiting placement - one for the pantry door, one for my desk, one for my son's room, one for my husband to put in the garage, and usually a few to take to work and pawn off on the guys there. However, this year I've received none. Odd because I still donate to the same causes, still shop at the same stores, and still have the same veterinarian.

Then it occurred to me. Perhaps this is yet another side effect from the economic downturn that we've experienced in America recently. Maybe those companies and organizations had to cut back on all of their "extras".

After a few moments I realized that this is probably a good thing. I always have more calendars than I need. That's the reason we have one to put in the garage (of all places!) Occasionally we receive solicitations for donations followed by gifts of labels, calendars, tote bags, umbrellas, etc... I must say that many of those gifts are met with a question in my heart. If these organizations truly need these funds, why do they spend money sending out gifts?

I present to you my list of good things that come from a lack of calendars:

  • Money is saved by these businesses that can be put to better use elsewhere.

  • I'm not out any time trying to farm out all of my excess calenders.

  • Think about how many of these things end up unused and in the landfill!

  • The cities will save recycling or dumping costs associated with disposal.

  • Some printers use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of printed material, so we avoid those chemicals being released into the environment.

  • Think of all of the trees that will be saved by not printing all of that useless material!

Believe me, I also understand that there are economic repercussions from all of these companies not printing in excess. It will effect people from the logging companies to the printers, but I can't help but think that we Americans have lived an excessively wasteful lifestyle for many years.

I feel that it is a good thing that we are being forced to rethink our purchases and refocus on the truly important things. Sometimes the excesses get the best of us and we lose sight of the important parts of life because of it.

You facilitate cutting back in other ways as well! Do you receive far too many paper catalogs in the mail? Are some from companies you haven't purchased from in years or never purchased from? What about unsolicited credit card offers? Do you receive a mailbox full everyday?

Catalog Choice can help you remove yourself from the catalog lists and it's free! This program allows you to consolidate all of your removal data in one place and then they assist you with your removal requests. Or you can contact each company individually and make the same request.

Opt Out Prescreen can help eliminate those pesky credit card offers. I'm always afraid someone will sign up for one in my name if they get a hold of it.

I challenge you to rid yourself of all of the unwanted paper this year !

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