Thursday, April 30, 2009

What do you like?

Do you buy handmade items? Do you have a preference for them?

If so, what do you look for when buying handmade? Do you want things that have been locally harvested and woven or remind you of childhood? Do you look for clothing or more artistic things?

If not, what turns you off about handmade items? Do you think it's cheap if it doesn't have a brand name label? Is it too personal for you?

I'd love to hear your responses.


Thomas said...

I'm not sure I would purchase many handmade clothing items. I would for a scarf, gloves or sweaters.

But I would be concerned about the quality of the material and the talent of the creator. Take a sweater with buttons. If the buttons fall away easily or after washing carefully, I'd obviously have questions about the creators ability and/or the fibers selected.

I have no problem paying well for a well crafted handmade item. I think at times it would help the sellor to state the amount of time that went into making the item. Time is money and it does talk and conveys something about why a handmade item may be more expensive.

I'll think more about this.

belati - to be just a little bit late.

Thumperdd said...

Wow, Thomas! Thanks once again for the're great!

So, no "fitted items" - presumably because you like to try them on first? Quality is super important and you want to know the time that went into the creation.

I agree 100% with all of that. I can't stand having to return something due to the fit and without quality you may as well throw you're money in the trash... Hadn't thought about the time thing but that certainly matters!