Friday, May 1, 2009

Now showing in the garden...

Purple Clematis

Thought I'd share some garden photos with you. Most are of the rose garden at the back of our cottage...aren't roses just the loveliest flowers??? I wish you could scratch and sniff. The light fruity aroma that greets me every day is heavenly!

A quick check out front tells me that I'll have some peace to snap some photos.

Part of the Rose Garden

See... I told you they were all droopy!

Coral Rose

Light Pink, David Austin Old English Rose Bud

Light Pink, David Austin Old English Rose, Open

Hot Pink Falstaff Rose

Pat Austin, Peachy Yellow Old English Rose

Pink, Peach, Cream Hybrid Tea Bud

Pink, Peach, Cream Hybrid Tea, open

My chives from last year...

And the weed growing beside it!

Didn't I tell you I have weeds???

Uh oh, I'm in trouble now...I got caught taking pictures!

Mom, what are you doing?

Did you honestly think you could get away without giving me some lovin'?

Is this what I got up from my nap for???

(Mnummnumnum...oooohhhh, stretch!)

REALLY, Mom? Is it really all I got up for???


Kris said...

Love your garden photos. You have a beautiful yard and dog.

Thumperdd said...

Thanks! I definitely need to do some weeding though. If I could get off of the blog, Twitter, and Facebook perhaps I could get something done!!! :-)


ShoozieShoes said...

Love your garden and LOVE roses!

Thomas said...

weeds are our gardening cheerleaders. Were it not for weeds you would not have pay so much attention to your gardens. Weeds instill in you the desire to clean up the canvas of your flower beds. Weeds keep you from being idle. Weed are wonderful.

smstom - seems tom is right.

Thumperdd said...

I'll have a special post, just for you, this week. Give me until Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I love your roses! We are not close to that point in our garden yet here in PA - still too chilly. I have wanted some David Austen roses for years, but have been waiting to be someplace we own to make the investment - they are so pretty!