Sunday, February 15, 2009

Completed Compost bins

Hooray! My Valentine's compost bins were finished yesterday.

How this works:

The wooden frame supports the plastic barrel by a piece of rebar. The rebar is threaded through the center of the plastic barrel and rotates on two plumbing parts (found at the local hardware store) for smooth rotation. The barrel is mounted high enough on the frame to allow full rotation which should properly aerate and stir the compost.

The barrel has a locking lid and a screw on cap that allows easy access for adding water and materials. My hubby drilled 4 small holes on each side of the barrel to allow further aeration of the decomposing materials.

I can't wait to start filling these up. I'll keep you posted as to the decomposition rate and results. Hopefully, I'll generate more compost since I'll be able to properly turn the pile. I think I'll start by turning it daily.

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