Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's up in homeschool

I thought we'd share some things we've been working on in homeschool this year.For those of you that don't know, this is our first year at it and my son is in the 7th grade. In addition to the regular math, science and social studies program it became a priority to place bible study, art and home economics in the mix.

Bible study is the first class everyday because he needs to learn to place God first in all things. This was a fantastic idea and truly sets the tone for each day. We mix some Veggie Tales in with his regular lessons - yes, he's 12 and still loves Veggie Tales. There are two added bonuses here; I love Veggie Tales and I can quiz him on the actual reading versus the sweetened kids version.

Art is one of his favorite subjects. He has one of the most imaginative minds of anyone I know and I'd like to keep it that way. Conventional school tends to beat this out of a child in order to better mold them into the cookie cutter design, then teachers can't figure out why you have no creativity in high school when writing papers....duh! He is also a Boy Scout so we integrated some of the scout badge requirements into things he'd learn this year and killed two birds with
one stone - poor birds!

This is the cheap pottery wheel we threw a bowl on. Not bad for his first try!

Home Economics is a given in my book. These are things he needs to learn anyway - how to sew on a button, cook a tasty meal, run a household on a budget, etc... and I want him to be completely prepared to take on the world when he leaves the nest. He likes to question everything I do in the kitchen and I am bad for taking on everything myself. Including this into his learning schedule has allowed me to take myself out of the picture and let the teacher take over. I've also found that if he helps plan the meal he explores more options. Something happened from ages 4 to 5 that took him from eating almost purely vegetables to eating mostly meat and potatoes. When he selects the meal he chooses items he would snarl at otherwise!

Here's a crystal growing project for science. They grew everywhere but where we wanted! -

Some geodes we cracked open (some cracked better than others) -

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