Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that move me...

One of our youth group leaders at church introduced us to something he found on YouTube. He wanted our youth to preform it for the church and our local addiction recovery center called Prodigals. Once the kids saw it there was a resounding "Yes!" coming from them.

Have you ever been shown something that moves you to tears? Have you ever been moved to the point of sobbing? You may be if you watch this.

Apparently these skits are running rampant through the Christian youth groups around the world. Our group performed this in September and it's on YouTube, but the quality of the filming makes it hard to see all of the details. This video is by a group in Australia.

This skit touched people that I never thought to see cry. Everytime is see it I find it hard not to fall to the floor sobbing. Like many of us, I've been there, done that and Jesus saved me...just like He does in this film. He saved me from myself and all of those worldly things that are so easy to get caught up in - love for others, money, looks, partying, self-pity.

This blog is my journey from the other side. This is my new life. This is my God Walk. None of this would be possible without having Jesus in my life and Jesus as my savior.

Jesus can change your heart and life if you open yourself to receive Him - yes, it's that easy...just open up and let His love in your life...you'll never regret it!

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