Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Valentine's Day present (or new compost bins)

Here are some pictures of my prospective Valentine's Day present -

Isn't it wonderful? I currently have two large compost bins/ repurposed trash cans. We even bought new, sturdier wheels for them. They're great, don't get me wrong, but it's a pain to trying to turn the compost. Since it's a pain, it doesn't get done.

After discussing buying new compost bins last year, we arrived at the same conclusion - not enough extra money to buy them. We certainly can't afford one of those nice $400 composters or, really, even a $100 one.

My husband works in construction and is forever bringing home scraps of various items. Many of which simply accumulate in our garage waiting for a home. Last week he brought home some large oak timbers. I got giddy when I saw them, plans tumbling about in my head. Then, last weekend, he mentioned that a buddy had access to plenty of old barrels which had been used for food storage. (This was highly important as you certainly don't want to use petroleum barrels for composting. Can you imagine )greasy veggies? Yuck!) Pop! Did you hear my lightbulb go off????

Today we went to the local farmers market and took pictures of some composters available for sale and, as I write, he's cutting the timber! Yippeeee!

Have I been married too long since I'm excited over compost bins? Nah! This is the single most thoughtful thing he's ever done for me. My hubby actually listened when I that's a gift!

(Added Bonus: I'll have life sized R2D2's in my yard...hehehe...)


moonfire photography said...

Those are awesome! I'll have to drop some hints for my husbeast...

Thumperdd said...

Best of luck with the hints. These turned out better than I expected. I can't wait for my first load of fresh compost!!!!! It'll be like Christmas all over again...