Friday, February 6, 2009

What do you do with those large, plastic zipper bags?

When you bring home new linens or that new bedspread that you just can't live without, what do you do with those plastic zipper bags? Do you save them and reuse them or throw them out with the sale labels?

For the past several years I've been saving them. AND they have been gathering dust, until recently! Shoot, I almost forgot I had them.

My church started a new ministry this year and we have storage needs involved. As I was shuffling and re-shuffling items from shopping bag to shopping bag in my large, but apparently not large enough, closet, it suddenly occurred to me that I had an untapped reserve of storage goodies tucked away on a shelf. Just when I was planning to head out to the store and invest in some lidded, plastic storage containers recycling hits me in the head - literally. (In the process of reaching up to my secret stash I knocked a box off the top shelf. Good thing it was just my wedding gown!)

Hidden treasure is wonderful! Some of these bags shape into large cubes; perfect for stacking. Several others come with carrying straps; fantastic for those bags that need to be toted about regularly. There are even some smaller ones to allow splitting of tiny items. Hehehe...I'm in clutter busting heaven!

Other things these delightful bags would be good for:
  • Camping - pack the supplies you need to keep dry in these bags and dare water to wet them!

  • Toy storage - great for those seasonal toys or that over abundance of stuffed animals

  • Seasonal clothing - the handled bags would work well here. Pack up those sweaters and store them away without worrying about dampness or moths.

  • Gym bag - why pay $50 for a gym bag when you can recycle one for free?

  • Yarn tote - these are clear so you can always find the needles and scissors you need!

  • Overnight travel bags - why get out that massive suitcase for an overnight trip?

Okay, your turn! Get out that imagination and dust it off...

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