Saturday, March 28, 2009

Did you do it????

Ok. So how many of you participated during the Earth Hour tonight?

I saw a blurb about it on NBC around 7pm. They reported that China participated by turning off the lights at the Olympic coliseum and Australia cut off lights in Sydney. The famed Opera House was featured with only emergency lighting showing around the perimeter. These pictures show Toronto, Canada's skyline. Wow!

—Photographs by Dick Hemingway via WWF-Canada

Can't wait to see if this makes a difference!

How did you spend your time?

My son and I gathered at the dining room table shroud in candle light playing our newest game, Trivial Pursuit. His boy scout troop is having a large yard sale April 25th and I've been helping organize and price the bargains this week. There were 2 complete Trivial Pursuit games and a Baby Boomers card set. Once they were priced (by someone else), I snagged one for $1...can you believe it? These games sell for $40+ new!

Not only do we get a great deal on a "new to us" game but quality family time while showing our support to save the Earth. Can life get any better?

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