Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making a craft table out of repurposed materials...

Always on the look out for good recycling/reuse materials I was quick to spot an old treadle sewing machine base headed for the dump. A friend was cleaning out his newly purchased home a few years ago and the rusty, old base was found in a corner. A sturdy, metal frame is a true treasure and would be prefect for a table base. I took this gem home and placed in in my trusty shed awaiting the perfect time to put it back into service.

That opportunity came last week. With my tax return I decided to invest in a knitting machine. This machine takes up a fair amount of space, and, without a permanent home, would be a hassle to retrieve and set up for each use. Light bulb! That sewing machine base would be perfect to use.

My hubby cleaned off the rust and repainted the base earlier last week. I secured and painted a nice wood top for it. (It's pre-cut from the hardware store and was on sale for around $9. The paint is remnant from painting our home 5+ years ago.) Voila! We now have a sturdy, cheap table that offers some character.

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