Friday, March 6, 2009

It's here, it's here!

My precious, little baby girl, Angel, turns 18 today! Hooray! I can hardly believe it. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital just like it was yesterday.

I've been teasing her terribly for the past few months telling her that she would officially be an old lady once she hit 18. It amuses me to tease my children. I know, it's horrible...but I do so enjoy it. I also believes that it toughens them up, for life won't always be so pleasant as life with Mom!

I've planned for this day for over ten years. Silly isn't it? I knew she would grow up one day. I certainly didn't realize how fast this day would come. Have you ever noticed how fast time flies when you are watching a child grow up? Surely that's where they came up with the term light speed!

This precious book has made it's home on one book shelf or another for this ten year period. It was picked up at some book store, locally. When I touched it I knew it had to come home with me. To My Daughter, With Love: A Mother's Memory Book is a phenomenal book. The idea is to provide prompts to facilitate memories in your mind. The results is a multitude of memories about your mother, yourself, and your daughter as she arrived to this place.

The time spent journaling my memories this week has been wonderful. It was hard to put the book down before it was finished! It covers everything from your mother's childhood right up until your daughter's wedding, with spaces to include favorites recipes and photos. (She is not married, yet, but I can update that when the time comes. I always thought to present this to her on the day she officially became a woman.)

I completed the book last night at my mother's, as I needed my favorite photo of her to add to the collection. My mother despises to have her photo taken, therefore there aren't many to choose from. My favorite always hung on our formal living wall when I was little. It was her wedding photo. She looked so lovely with her face wreathed by crinoline and her lace filled dress.

Mom was surprised that I had chosen this as a gift for Angel. Neither she or I are inclined to be sentimental. We don't hold onto to old things for memories, other than photos. We're not particularly inclined to cry over a broken memento. Usually we're the ones to throw them out after a year or two!

But, my Angel, she's different. She's more like my sister in that respect. She keeps trinkets and mementos forever and a day and delights in discussions about how things used to be. Angel loved the book. She sat straight down and went over it thoroughly, commenting here and there, rolling her eyes at certain passages, and smiling all the way. Perfect!

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