Thursday, March 26, 2009

Switch your lights off for Earth Hour!

This Saturday, March 28th, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm (your time zone) join other concerned citizens in turning off your lights! Yup, that means no computer, no television, no charging cell phones. Don't pass can do it!

The thought behind this is to show support for taking action against global warming. Apparently data will be gathered on the changes in electricity use around the world during this time frame. They'll compare this to the same time last year and announce the difference at a Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this year.

If the usage comparison shows a decrease the Conference attendants will know that Earth's citizens want an improvement in how global warming is being handled. Of course, if an increase appears the attendants will presume that we don't care and they will continue on the same disastrous path they've been on for years.

Sign-up to show your support at the Earth Hour website. And, most importantly, TURN OFF THOSE LIGHTS and unplug those appliances!

Vanessa at Etsy reported about Earth Hour today, otherwise I wouldn't have known. Yet, another reason to love Etsy!

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