Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things you can do with Peroxide

One of the things I have come to love on my family's journey toward a "greener" lifestyle is Peroxide. Originally, I was simply searching for a more earth friendly alternative to bleach. Boy, was I surprised when I realized that you could use it for many more applications!

Here's a small sampling of things that I have used it for:

  • Bleach alternative - use 1/2 cup per load of clothes that need bleaching or sanitizing. Always dilute this in the water before adding your clothes, just in case. I have seen some websites that state the peroxide can have a bleaching effect on some colored items. While I haven't personally had any problems, it's better to dilute it and save yourself from any potential problems.

  • Mouthwash - use about 1/8 cup to swish daily. This should not only rid your mouth of harmful bacteria and future gum problems, but it can also whiten your teeth! (It is also great for cleaning dentures.)

  • Disinfectant - use peroxide to clean and sanitize countertops, the kitchen table, kids toys, cutting boards, etc. Mix 1 cup of peroxide with 2 cups of water immediately before using (peroxide loses it effectiveness when exposed to light.)

  • Mold and mildew preventative - great for spraying down your shower daily, cleaning our coolers, or spraying on the side of your home that rarely sees sunlight.

  • Foliar spray for plants (inside or out) - great for black spot preventative and mold defense. Use on newly planted seedlings or plants that have been trimmed to prevent infections. Here's a link to a fantastic gardening application chart.

  • Hair color - use it for "natural" highlights. Apply with a cotton swab or spray bottle. By the way, if you have unwanted, dark facial hair you can use peroxide to lighten these areas as well!

Can you believe that all this comes in a 50 cent bottle? Wow! I can't believe that for years I only used this for cuts...

(All of the information contained here is using the regular 3% peroxide that you can get at any drug store or dollar store.)

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