Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I give in!

I'm twittering! Never thought I'd say those words but, it's true...AND I LOVE it! It's addictive!

It's so much better than Facebook to me, as far as instant contact with people. You can chat with anyone, anywhere, without waiting for them to "Friend" you. Last night I chatted while watching Hell's Kitchen. How neat to guess who would be eliminated and follow along "real time" with others doing the same thing.

Now I know why I hear about Twitter everywhere...

If you're on Twitter be sure to follow me and I'll follow you back. I'm La_Vida_Dulce !


Thomas said...

You want addictive?
Go to facebook and join.
Then join Vampire Wars.

That's addictive.

anceparm - A variety of ant that only ingests parmagiano cheese.
(forgive the spelling)

Thumperdd said...

Oh! I'm on Facebook, too...di I forget to tell you that??? Look me up - Danita Dominguez in NC.

What is Vampire Wars??? Lucy, you have some splainin' to do...