Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This one's for you, Thomas...

My blogging buddy, Thomas, has asked to see photos of all of the horrible weeds that I've allowed to take over my garden this spring. Not only does he wish to see those unsightly creatures - he LIKES them!

His favorite is the today we will pay homage to Thomas' favorite flower/weed. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to photograph them. Most had already gone to seed.

Hard to see, but these are the few with remaining heads. I blew them for you, Thomas!

This big 'ol monster has been itching to be pulled for weeks!

It had many sisters in this bed...

I don't know what this thing is, but it's prickly and HUGE! It also reminds me of Dandelion, but it gives them a bad name...

Surprise, Thomas! Hope you got your Dandelion fix!!

Now for some other stuff:

The squirrels in my yard have to be some of the happiest in the world. I have 5, grand, old, pecan trees that drop into my yard. Fantastic for me AND the squirrels.

Each spring I have an abundance of baby peacan trees that the dear squirrels have "hidden". These are a few!

And, lastly.....

I thought to share the miniature "crop circle" that my dear little dog has left in my cat mint plant. Don't worry the big dog leaves his mark, too... His is just on the outside and involves a foul smell! Lovely doggies of mine!

**There were MANY more weed terrors in my yard, but they were just too embarassing to share, even among friends! **

By the way, Thomas and I already discussed that all flowers are weeds. Truly, I don't mind them all that much. I love spending time in the garden and weeding gives me an excellent reason to do that.

NOTE: All weeding in my yard is done by hand or weedeater (much to my dear hubby's delight!)

Actually, every time we go to the home improvement store he tries to get me to buy weed killer. That's a big "no, no" for me. It takes away from my fun and harms things that I don't want to kill.


Splendid Little Stars said...

The definition of a weed is just anything that you don't want. Sometimes plants appear in my garden serendipitiously.--some I like, some I don't. My husband, a weed-a-phobic, is forever asking me, "Is that a weed?" If I like it, or just want to see what happens as it grow up, the answer is "NO!"
BTW, I saw dandeline greens sold by the bunch at the local grocers!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for the comments and compliments you left on my blog! You are probably right about azaela or rododendron. I don't live in NC; my daughter does--in Asheville. So I am very fond of visiting.

Thumperdd said...

That's funny Splendid! My hubby actually pulls up my plants and swears that it was a weed, no matter how much I paid for it! Well, he's trying to help...

You need to try the dandelion greens - they're WONDERFUL! A little peppery, crisp, & fresh. I tried them at an upscale event a few years ago.

I live in an area that was settled in the 1600's by Europeans. The story goes that they brought the dandelions over here and planted them in their gardens for salad. If they can do it, why can't we???


Thomas said...


When the go to seed is the most fun. That's when they most like to play. *Bloooowwww*

I had 5 weeds growing in the middle of my back yard 2 years ago. I decided to let them grow. To my suprise they are a very beautiful Red Spider Lily. Google it. Thanks for the tribute to weeds and your patience in my seeing the dedication.

elpyd - find a weed in your back yard with pointy elf-like ears and that's an elpyd.

Thumperdd said...


Glad you FINALLY enjoyed the post. Hate that you've not been well. Glad you're better!

I LOVE finding garden treasures... The previous owner of our home had planted goodies everywhere(literally!). The first year I let everything grow so I could locate everything and make a new plan for the yard. Occasionally I still find surprises!

The Red Spider Lily is interesting- so tall and stately, with little foliage. I could see someone pulling it up before it flowers...